Round 1-15-16 Winners

Entries receiving 4 and 6 marks in MN PC League Round 1 2015-6.
Kassie  Top Colour: Kassie by Steve Lathe : Portrait Catchlight Black Tailed Godwit  Commended Colour: Black Tailed Godwit by Steve Lathe Jam Session  Top Mono: Jam Session by Steve Lathe The Red Cushion  Commended Colour: The Red Cushion by Raymond Hughes
Out In Front  Commended Mono: Out in Front by Steve Lathe : NATURE, Point to Point, domestic animals, horse, mammals 'Moody Light'  Commended Coloour: Moody Light by Alan Stewart The Cobb  Commended Mono: The Cobb by Alan Stewart The Busker  Commended Colour: The Busker by Raymond Hughes
Coming Storm  Commended Mono: Coming Storm by Raymond Hughes Greater Spotted Woodpecker  Commended Novice Colour: Greater Spotted Woodpecker by Jeremy Chambers Scrabo Tower  Top Novice Mono: Scrabo Tower by Jeremy Chambers Green eyes  Top Novice Colour: Green Eyes by Lukas Chudziak
Blade  Commended Novice Mono; Blade by Lukas Chudziak Oriental Poppy  Commended Novice Colour: Poppy Head by Jeremy Chambers