The Kids  by Sandra Browne Angles and Curves  by Raymond Hughes Fishmonger- Olhio Portugal  by Raymond Hughes Smart Guy  by Raymond Hughes
Underpass  by Raymond Hughes Walking the Burren  by Raymond Hughes You can Lead a Horse to Water  by Raymond Hughes Fur  by Steve Stewart : Marco
Circles  by Pauline O'Flaherty : Pauline19, mono Factory Girl  by Pauline O'Flaherty : Best, Favourites, Pauline Salons, Pauline19, mono Falling Apart  by Pauline O'Flaherty Loop Head Lighthouse  by Pauline O'Flaherty : Connemara, Pauline19, mono
Tobacco Farmer Cuba  by Pauline O'Flaherty Wheat Field, Tuscany  by Pauline O'Flaherty Basket Seller  by Maurice O'Flaherty Fly-fishing in Connemara  by Maurice O'Flaherty
Seagull and Chick  by Maurice O'Flaherty : mono Belfast Skyline  by Arnie McAllister Glencoe  by Arnie McAllister Speedy  by Arnie McAllister
Wandering Giant  by Arnie McAllister 2-6-4T No. 4  by Alastair Jack Frank Diamond  by Alastair Jack Mont Saint Michel  by Alastair Jack
Heuston Silhouette  by Alastair Jack Made It  by Jeremy Chambers Boat House  by Jeremy Chambers Chimney  by Jeremy Chambers
Hooded Man  by Jeremy Chambers Rescue at Hand  by Jeremy Chambers The Summit  by Jeremy Chambers Stretching Out  by Arnie McAllister
Belfast Bus  by Donna Hunter Clevedon Pier  by Donna Hunter Happy Day  by Donna Hunter St James's Park  by Donna Hunter
The Stare  by Donna Hunter