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Full rules of all NIPA competitions are available on its web site at:-

http://www.niphoto.co.uk  (Click Events/General Events Information/Competition Rules)



NIPA Inter-Club Competition


There are 5 rounds in all, spread throughout the photographic season.  Rounds 1, 2 and 4 are ‘open’ rounds, i.e. images may be of any subject;  Rounds 3 and 5 are on specific topics pre-selected by NIPA.


There are Colour, Mono and PDI categories.  Clubs may submit up to 4 images in each category, up to 3 of which may be by advanced workers. In each round the total of the best 3 scores in each category is the club’s score for the round in the Principal Section; the score of the best beginner’s entry in each category is the club’s score for the round in the Beginner’s Section.


The MNPC League Competition is synchronised with the NIPA Inter-Club Competition in terms of the number of rounds and their subjects..  The rounds of the MNPC League take place before the NIPA Council Meeting at which the Club entries for the Inter-Club Competition are required.


MNPC entries for the Inter-Club competition are normally selected from the top placed images in the corresponding round of the MNPC League Competition.




October -



Celtic Challenge  


This is a competition between Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, South Wales, North Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. It’s hosted in rotation by the participating countries.


Each region enters 10 mono prints,10 colour & 10 PDI’s


NIPA asks clubs for images from individual members.  These are passed back to NIPA and a selection is made from the total submission.





Roy Finlay Memorial Natural History Competition 


Entries must be of wildlife in its natural habitat, ie the faithful representation of the subject must be maintained.  The competition follows the FIAP rules for wildlife, allowing minor adjustments but not digital manipulation of photographs.  Entries are on an individual, not club, basis. There is no novice category.




NIPA Novice Competition


The competition is open to all club members who comply with the NIPA definition of beginner, as set out in the NIPA Competition Rules




NIPA Audio Visual Festival


This is a two day event, starting on a Friday evening when the visiting judge usually shows his/her work, and continuing through Saturday.

 It is open to anyone belonging to a NIPA Club.

 Additional information should be available on the NIPA website.



EAPU PDI Competition


East Antrim Photographic Union is made up of six clubs: Antrim Camera Club, Carrickfergus Camera Club, Carrickfergus Photographic Society, Islandmagee Camera Club, MNPC, & NIE Photographic Society.


This consists of mono and colour rounds, plus a ‘special’ section where a specific topic (e.g. night photography) is chosen each year.  Clubs can enter 10 images in each section.

Club members will be invited to submit images for consideration, and those chosen will be used in the competition.



Carville Competition


This is an annual inter-club competition between Carrickfergus & Merville.

Fifteen subject categories are decided on jointly by the clubs:  5 mono, 5 colour, 5 pdi.  

The clubs submit 3 images in each category for independent judging.


Club members will be invited to submit images for consideration, and those chosen will be used in the competition.



NIPA Top Print & PDI Competition


In each of the five rounds of the NIPA Inter-Club a minimum of six top-placed mono prints, colour prints and PDIs respectively are awarded "stars". The starred prints and PDIs from the season's five rounds form the total entry for the NIPA Top Print and PDI Competition


The entries are judged by an external celebrity judge and the highest placed entry in each category is awarded the appropriate top image trophy.



PAGB Inter-Federation Print and PDI Competitions


The competition is organised by each regional federation in turn (it will be NIPA’s turn in 2016).


NIPA requires prints and PDIs from club members for selection in May for submission to the organising federation by 1st June.  


Prints and PDIs chosen for the Inter-Federation Competition may be retained for the Celtic Challenge.



PAGB Club Championships


Attendance is subject to MNPC qualifying, and choosing to attend.


PDI Championship:  Each of the 15 PAGB federations is asked to provide 2 clubs to take part.


The top 6 clubs from the previous year’s inter-club competitions are offered the opportunity to go to Warwick (if more than two clubs volunteer, the two clubs placed highest are selected; if 2 clubs from the top 6 don’t wish to attend, clubs in lower than 6th position can be offered the place(s).


Print Championship:  MNPC has never attended the PAGB Club Print Championship which takes place at Connah’s Quay in October - the same selection criteria apply.

In each case, images are selected by clubs from the work of their individual members


























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